Rangoli with West Hampstead Women’s Centre 29th August 2012

Today myself and the Education Department visited West Hampstead Women’s centre to make a Rangoli rice pattern which will be displayed on the floor outside the lady’s exhibition which they have decided to title Journey’s East: A Discovery of Hidden Treasures. The Rangoli Rice pattern will be displayed outside the exhibition to welcome visitors into the exhibition.

Rangoli is an art tradition from India. Rangoli are decorative designs made on the floors of houses and courtyards during Hindu festivals. They are meant to be sacred welcoming areas for the Hindu deities and for guests celebrating festivals.  The ancient symbols included in Rangoli are often passed on through the ages, from each generation to the next, thus keeping both the art form and the tradition alive. The patterns are typically created with materials, including coloured rice, dry coloured flour, sand or even flower petals.

In our Rangoli we have included symbols from the Wallace Collection Dutch paintings including a key from Jan Steen’s The Harpsichord Lesson, hearts from Frans Hal’s The Laughing Cavalier and a purse from Rembrandt’s portrait of Jean and Casper Pellicorne. These Dutch symbols have been mixed with traditional Rangoli designs.

The ladies completed their designs by applying glue to a pre drawn Rongoli design cut into four smaller quarters and sprinkling coloured rice on top of the glue and securing the rice by pressing it down with their hands and plastic spoons. The results were amazing and beautifully coloured squares that were photographed and will be joined back together using Photoshop. The finished picture will be printed onto a large vinyl square which will be fixed to the floor outside the Journeys East exhibition. Here are some lovely photos of the day and the ladies busy at work;


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