Silk Painting with Aaina Women’s Group 30th May

Today myself and Amber spent a really fun day with Aaina Women’s Group to start work designing silk scrolls which will feature in their exhibition at the Wallace Collection in January 2013.

The silk scrolls are half a metre wide and six metres long and so they will hang from ceiling to floor in the exhibition space. The silk scrolls will be decorated with motifs relating to the themes of ‘Travel’ and ‘Journeys’.

Today the ladies embanked on their silk scrolls by dip dying them in vibrant silk paints that they mixed together to enable the silk to contrast with the Delft inspired ceramic vases that they have made in previous workshops. The group applied lots of salt to their silk pieces to create interesting colour textures and then left their scrolls out to dry in the sun.

Whilst the silk pieces where drying the ladies sketched out and traced the images that they will apply to their silk scrolls using Gutta and silk paint.

It was a very productive and very beautiful day and although the group was at first daunted by the large scale of their silk scrolls they were really pleased with the dyes they mixed and the resulting fabulously coloured silk scrolls.

Here are some pictures from the day;


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