Trail and Treasures Project with West Ealing Deaf Minorities Group

On the 25th April myself and Caroline Dorset (Freelance Educator) visited West Ealing Deaf Minorities group to continue with an on-going project to make a family trail and works of art linked to the Dutch works of art in the Wallace Collection’s newly refurbished East Galleries. For this project the group have studied key Dutch Paintings such as Gabriel Metsu’s ‘Sleeping Sportsman’ and Jan Steen ‘The Harpsichord Lesson’ and have come up with fun questions for members of the public to ponder whilst they are looking at these beautiful works of art.

These questions will be included in a free family trail that the group will design together and the trail will be available for families to enjoy from August.

To decorate their trails and to make them appealing to families the group have created some fantastic illustrations of details from these paintings. These illustrations will be used to create some ‘treasure’ bags that have been inspired by the ‘treasure bags’ depicted in Rembrandt’s portraits of the Pellicorne family. These treasure bags will feature in the community exhibition that will be on display at the Museum in January and February 2013.

During the workshop on the 25th April myself and Caroline worked with the group to start the process of making these treasure bags. The workshop began with the group cutting out big circles of pink fabric. Prior to the workshops I printed out the group’s illustrations onto Lazertran transfer paper and I brought these transfers to the workshop. Once the transfers were cut out they were fixed on to the circles of fabric using an iron and then the ladies applied water to remove the baking paper of the transfers. The circles were then left to dry whilst the group used embossing foil to create coins that will be kept in the treasure bags.

During the next workshop we will have with the group the ladies will decorate their treasure bags using sequins, ribbon and metallic pens.

Our workshop was really fun and the ladies worked really hard to produce some beautiful treasure bags. Here are some pictures of the group busy at work and the brilliant bags and coins they made which will be completed during our next workshop;


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