Visit to the Wallace Collection 30th March 2012

On the 30th March we enjoyed one of the most exciting days of the project so far. Project participants from Aaina Women’s Group, West Hampstead Women’s Group and Newham Family Learning Services visited the Wallace Collection for a day of costumed actor performances, lacemaking workshops and tours of the newly refurbished East Galleries. The project participants were also joined by the project’s Wallace Collection Ambassadors and Refugee Tour Guides.

The day started with the Refugee Tour Guides and Wallace Collection Ambassadors   meeting Lucy Davis, Curator of Old Master Paintings, for a tour of the newly decorated galleries. The Young Archer then gave his debut performance followed by Jean Pellicorne. We were also lucky enough to be joined by Jo Edkins, a very talented Lacemaker who took inspiration from Casper Netscher ‘s painting The Lacemaker,  and gave demonstrations on different methods of lacemaking.

Caspar Netscher, The Lace Maker

The day was really fun and it was really exciting to see all of the project participants coming together to enjoy the new galleries. Here is a film about the day created by Chocolate Films;

During the day we also had a meeting with the projects Wallace Collection Ambassadors in which a number of important decisions were made. Firstly the group decided to change their name from ‘Community Ambassadors’ to ‘Wallace Collection Ambassadors’. The group also decided that they would like T-shirts and badges made for when they deliver community events at the Wallace Collection. However, the group still have a couple of decisions to make. They need to decide on a logo for their badges and T-shirts and they also need to think of a name for our project.Some possible project names include ‘Every Picture tells a story’. ‘Double Dutch’ and ‘Encrypted’. All suggestions will be posted on this blog and so again keep your eyes on this space to see what they come up with.


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