Sobia Khan: Arts Educator


My name is Sobia and I am the Arts Educator working on the Treasures from the east project. I am working with Alex Hirtzel (freelance artist) to deliver the art making workshops to Oliver Thomas group and Newham Family learning services. We have so far introduced silk painting, ceramic painting and lino cutting to the groups and have recieved a positive response overall. We now have a strong group of artists in the groups and I am sure they enjoy the Fridays as much as we do.

Above are some images of my artwork.

The idea in my art work is presence of ephemeral beauty in a space. My starting point for this series of paintings was looking at smoke and light because of its transitory nature; it solidifies for a few seconds, then it is gone. My interest is in how it occupies a space and capturing this in a painting. From the smoke and light I begin to extract the sort of shapes and forms the smoke creates, the process becomes calligraphic, and the materiality of the paint adding to these ideas of space and illusion. The colours I use are dark and dense and create a lingering feeling of absence.


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