Tile Painting with Aaina Women’s Group and West Hampstead Women’s Group

On the 1st and 8th February myself and Amber Khokhar (freelance artist) visited Aaina Women’s Group and West Hampstead Elderly Asian Women’s Group and delivered creative art workshops experimenting with Lazertran paper, ceramic tiles and glass paints.

For this workshop I printed out some photographs of project participants and images of their treasured personal items and favourite patterns onto Lazertran transfere paper. Workshop participants then selected tile designs and transferred the images onto ceramic tiles by placing the Lazertran paper onto tiles and then wetting and peeling off the backing paper from the Lazertran. The tiles were then dried in the oven to fix the Lazertran transfers in place. After this process participants were left with a ceramic tile with their personal image on it. Participants then sketched designs onto their tiles to embellish them using felt-tips and then went over their pen designs with glass paints, taking inspiration from the Wallace Collection’s Dutch paintings and images linked to the themes of ‘Spice’, ‘Treasures’ and ‘Identity’.

This was a really fun workshop and participants really enjoyed learning how to use the Lazertran, ceramic tiles and glass paints and particularly liked the instant and visually exciting effects of the Lazertran.

We planned and delivered this workshop due to the fact that participants will be working on ceramic vases for their final exhibition and will be using the same process to decorate their vases. We therefore wanted participants to experiment with using the Lazertran, glass paints and ceramic tiles before planning their final exhibition vases so they could experience the types of techniques, motifs and materials they could incorporate into their vases.

Here are some pictures of the workshop participants busy at work and the ceramic tiles they produced.


One thought on “Tile Painting with Aaina Women’s Group and West Hampstead Women’s Group

  1. Hello Everyone, my name is Samina I work with Aaina women’s group .
    I have been taking part in the Wallace Art workshop and I love every second.
    I am looking forward each week to attend the class .

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