Silk Painting With Aaina Womens Group 25th January

On Wednesday 25th January, Amber Khokhar (freelance artist) and Amy Chang (Education Department Intern) visited Aaina Women’s Group to deliver a silk painting practical art workshop. This workshop followed on from the previous workshops the ladies had taken part in during which they experimented with using Lazertran, silk, silk paints and fabric paints.

Although the group produced some fantastically creative and beautiful artwork during these workshops the ladies felt that they would really benefit from experimenting exclusively with silk paints, gutta and silk to discover the full potential and range of techniques, colours and textures that could be achieved with these mediums.

Amber therefore provided the group with a range of templates, pattens and stencils inspired by Iznik tile designs that the ladies applied to silk handkerchiefs using clear gutta which is a gel that resists the silk paints and prevents the paints from blending into each other. Gutta is thus used to create the patterns in silk painting and can be used to create separate blocks of colour on silk.

Once the ladies had applied their pattern designs onto their silk using the Gutta they then used silk paints in a variety of tones to add colour to their designs. The group also sprinkled salt onto their handkerchiefs to create texture in their designs. To blend the coloures into each other the group also used lots of water to encourage the silk paints to bleed into each other creating some beautiful tonal and textural effects.

The group experimented with silk paints because they will be working on silk for their final exhibition and so we wanted the ladies to experience the coloures, designs and effects that could be achieved on silk so they could start to think about and plan their final exhibition pieces.

Here are some pictures from the group busy at work and the lady’s beautiful silk scarves;


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