About this blog

Welcome to this exciting new blog documenting a pioneering and collaborative project by the Wallace Collection, Newham Family Leaning Services, West Hampstead Asian Women’s Group and Aaina Women’s Group.

My name is Sophie Martin and I am the Audience Development Officer at the Wallace Collection. From November 2011 to February 2013, I will be engaging these groups in a creative project to make artwork for a community intergenerational exhibition that will be displayed in the Wallace Collection throughout January and February 2013. During the next year I will be updating this blog to bring you the latest news about the project and participants.

The community intergenerational exhibition will celebrate the refurbishment of the Wallace Collection’s much adored East Galleries which are home to the Museum’s Dutch masterpieces including Rembrandt’s Self Portrait  and Jan Steen’s Celebrating the Birth.

During the project participants will visit the Wallace Collection to examine its impressive range of Dutch Masterpieces and will explore the legacies of the Dutch Republic, the Dutch Golden Age and the Dutch East India Company. Participants will respond to these histories through creating artwork based on the themes of ‘Spice’, ‘Journeys’, ‘Treasures’, ‘Identity’ and ‘Inside/Out’.

This blog will log the progress of this imaginative project and so keep watching this space for frequent participant interviews, photos and news about all of the workshops and events taking place throughout what’s going to be a remarkable year.


2 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. WoW!dynamic! images and ideas from all groups and individuals taking shape so wonderfully and admirably. The blog is becoming so amazingly vibrant and dynamic and we are only a coupla months in! Imagine, the end exhibition, hmm Jan 2013! We are up for it, we are all up for it, let’s discuss the forthcoming journey. Taa!

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